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betongskulptur av ansikte med slöja

Sadaf Ahmadi, Concrete Setting

Sadaf Ahmadi
Concrete Setting
October 21 2023–Mars 28 2024

Sadaf Ahmadi (b.1985) is a multidisciplinary artist that in her practice concerns about religion, politics and human rights.

Concrete Setting oscillates between despair and hope, articulating a material reality with the imaginary of another possible future. Concrete operates here as a conceptual twofold term referring to the real and tangible, but also as the material the Iranian government used for covering the mass graves of tens of thousands of dissidents. By breaking the concrete the faces from some of the many victims in the recent Woman Life Freedom uprising in Iran, reveals. A sound landscape designed by Mohammad Reza Heydary, explores the rhythms of life beneath concrete layers. Representations of hanged women and girls paved within the constraints of Islamic laws, constricting them from spiritual elevation and annihilating their bodies, femininity, and individual identity.

In a realm where despair triumphs over hope and aspiration, freedom transforms into a metaphorical and dreamlike notion.


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