Borås Konstmuseum

Borås Bright Art
International light art in public spaces and at Borås Art Museum

28.10.22–26.02.23 (Borås Art Museum)
28.10.22–15.01.23 (in public spaces)

Borås Art Museum explores light- and projection-based art in a major exhibition at the Museum and in the urban public space. Through visual and audio-visual media, artists examine our perception of the world, philosophical notions and natural phenomena. This exhibition reflects on subjects that are pertinent to global contemporary issues concerning the environment and current events in society and politics.

A theme that appears in several works is the intention to capture scientific phenomena such as recreating how light interacts with surfaces, essences and materials. This can involve renderings of space, chemical compounds, optical elements, or how light reacts when it meets water. Sound, light, darkness, patterns, colours and shapes are all significant components that have a profound effect on our perception of reality. Complex phenomena such as light and darkness, order and chaos, life and death, science and magic are opposite sides of the same coin and give food for thought about our perception of reality.

The universal nature of light as a definer of space, rhythm, time and movement, its symbolic meanings and crucial role connects us across cultures and generations. The works are on different scales and oscillate between micro and macro perspectives, associating to and embodying infinity or parts of the individual human body. Expressions of both biological and sociological aspects are represented. Other works highlight human relations and structures, such as the ever-vigilant eye of authority, metaphors for flight and migration, and children’s poetic words about the future, heroes, and what light and darkness mean to them.

In addition to its activities as a museum, Borås Art Museum is responsible for public art in the city and its art biennial. Initiatives have been launched to make urban public spaces more attractive during the dark part of the year through major investments in public art. The Museum’s programme for moving images also involves light as a medium and technically advanced installations in an experimental and sensory exhibition where we can immerse ourselves momentarily.

NOTE: The outdoor part of this exhibition has now ended. The exhibition continues indoors, at the Museum, until February 26.

Participating artists:

Matej Bizovičar (SI)

Mikael Ericsson (SE)

Tamar Frank (NL)

Paul Friedlander (GB)

Bertrand Gadenne (FR)

Rune Guneriussen (NO)

Ema Kobal (SI)

Kari Kola (FI)

Lena Mattsson (SE)

Raha Rastifard (IR,DE)

Egill Sæbjörnsson (IS)

Yoko Seyama (JP)

Aleksandra Stratimirović (RS,SE)

Beam Team (SI)

Cecilia Ömalm (SE)

Images: Paul Friedlander, Beam Team, Aleksandra Stratimirovic, Lena Mattsson, Raha Rastifard, Cecilia Ömalm, Egill Sæbjörnsson, Yoko Seyama, Mikael Ericsson, Tamar Frank, Matej Bizovicar (photo: Hendrik Zeitler)

In collaboration with Island of Light Smögen.

Warning: Flashing lights inside the Museum

Opening hours

Monday closed
Tuesday 12–17
Wednesday 12–17
Thursday 12–19
Friday 12–16
Saturday 12–16
Sunday 12–16

Thursdays 12.30 and 17.30

No admission fee



P. A. Halls Terrass, Borås

0734 32 73 86 (during opening hours)

Eva Eriksdotter, Museum Director
033 35 76 81


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