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fotografi med två barn i blå cykelhjälmar i förgrunden som blickar ner mot en Domus-butik. Foto av Lars Tunbjörk

"Skara 1990", from "Country Beside Itself”, © Lars Tunbjörk

Lars Tunbjörk, I LOVE BORÅS!
A retrospective


Few have managed to become pioneers on the global photo scene. From a Nordic perspective, one noteworthy pioneer is our own Lars Tunbjörk; taking a “Tunbjörker” became a phenomenon in the 1990s that all photographers had to relate to. With his unique eye, Tunbjörk saw what others saw but could not capture with their cameras.

The series “Country Beside Itself” – about the changing Swedish welfare state – was Tunbjörk’s major breakthrough. It is a photo project about Sweden that has been widely-acknowledged over the years. Viewers are torn between laughter and a sense of familiarity, disgust, melancholy and slight anger. Its theme was the decay and transition of the Swedish welfare state and the rise of super-commercialism.

This success was followed by other strong and widely-acknowledged series such as “Office”, “Home” and "Winter" that with their different themes, nuances and moods, along with Tunbjörks critical eye and sense of absurdity, near-surrealist photographic art is created.

With I LOVE BORÅS!, the international photographer Lars Tunbjörk’s famous photographs return to his home town of Borås, and are featured in the largest exhibition to date. A tribute that is shown literally a stone’s throw from Bäckängsgymnasiet – the school where Lars graduated in 1975 – and at moped distance from where he grew up on Skiftesgatan 3 at Dammsvedjan, and from Borås Tidning, the daily paper where Tunbjörk got his first job as a press photographer in 1977.

The exhibition is curated by Maud Nycander and hasse Persson and is produced by Fotografiska, but is taking a new larger format in Borås. Completely in line with the City of Borås' 400th anniversary, the largest Lars Tunbjörk exhibition ever is shown!

foto föreställande en rad med likadana vitmålade hus och i förgrunden några planterade röda tulpaner

Stockholm 2000, from Home, © Lars Tunbjörk

foto föreställande en uppfart och entre till ett snötäckt bostadshus, två hundar står och skäller utanför dörren.

Kiruna 2004, from Winter, © Lars Tunbjörk

Lars Tunbjörk Award

In connection with the opening of I LOVE BORÅS! An award ceremony was held for the Lars Tunbjörk Prize, which this year was awarded to Leif Claesson. Claesson is shown in his own exhibition in the museum.

Previous years' prize winners, Elin Berge, Gerry Johansson, Åsa Sjöström, Hannah Modigh and Julia Lindemalm, are also shown together in an exhibition at the museum.

kvällsbild med motiv av en sovplats under en bro

Leif Claesson, Nomad, from Parken.

foto i skog och ett barn med långt brunt hår som lutar sig mot ett stort träd


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