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Notions of Time
Works from the collection

An art collection and its contents is not static – it is constantly in motion and changes over time. New works are added, old works are shown in a different light, with the potential for looking back in time but also for contemporary reinterpretations and new readings.  When works from different periods, in different materials and media, are brought together in a new context, synergies arise and the works give each other new life and meanings. 

This exhibition presents a selection of works from the Borås Konstmuseum collection. It is a cross-section, spanning several centuries, to demonstrate the broad scope of our collection. The earliest pieces are from the 18th century, and the latest are contemporary; they are combined according to certain themes.

The main themes of the exhibition are interwoven. An association leads to unexpected paths and links, an expression or a detail in something seemingly unrelated. Portraits, bodies, landscapes and surrealism culminate in questions about our existence; the present, the future, and the past. A portrait becomes a body that overflows in a landscape and ends in a dreamlike state.

Photo image show: Hendrik Zeitler

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