Musem med fokus på samtidskonst, rörlig bild och offentling konst.

Closed at the moment. Opens tomorrow 11.00

Closed at the moment. Opens tomorrow 11.00

Fyra skärmar på en gul vägg visar en kvinna i stort mörkt hår.

Salad Hilowle, Passion of Remembrance, 2020. Foto Hendrik Zeitler

Salad Hilowle and Simon Mullan

Works from the collection acquired during previous biennials

Salad Hilowle

Passion of Remembrance, 2020

The work Passion of Remembrance interweaves collective memories from TV shows and popular culture of 1990s Sweden with a deeply personal landscape of memories about what it was like to grow up in Sweden as black. The film contains scenes filmed with 35 mm and 16 mm film, as well as clips taken from TV.

Hilowle reinterprets and injects new meanings into images, nature, and landscapes that mimic the folkloristic paintings of Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson, which symbolize the archetype of Swedishness. The work offers a different perspective on cultural artifacts that construct, limit, and give meaning to our understanding of who belongs and who does not. Hilowle works both as an artist and a film director. In his films and video installations, he revisits the feeling of being in a state of in-betweenness – a sense of being in-between cultures.

Salad Hilowle (b. 1986 in Mogadishu) lives and works in Stockholm. He is educated at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

The work was acquired in connection with the Borås Art Biennial Deep Listening for Longing in 2021.

Simon Mullan

Blaumänner, 2018

The series Blaumänner consists of jeans and overalls reminiscent of the "Blåkläder" type, which the artist purchased second-hand online. He then cut them apart and sewed them into collages.

Mullan is interested in incorporating socially coded references into his works and choice of materials. Blaumänner associates with male-related domains and questions of social status, and the works serve as a tribute to the working class.

Simon Mullan (b. 1981 in Kiel) lives and works in Berlin. He is educated at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, and the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

The works were acquired in connection with the biennial A Grin Without a Cat in 2018.

Salad Hilowle's and Simon Mullan's works will be an addition to the ongoing exhibition "Notions of Time," featuring works from the museum's collection, also on display on the second floor.