Musem med fokus på samtidskonst, rörlig bild och offentling konst.

Closed at the moment. Opens tomorrow 11.00

Closed at the moment. Opens tomorrow 11.00

Hund i förgrunden mot bakgrund av urbant slitet landskap.

Lars Tunbjörk


Lars Tunbjörk, born in 1956 in Borås, is one of Sweden's most internationally renowned photographers. He began his career as a press photographer at Borås Tidning in the early 1970s and had his major breakthrough with the photo series "Landet utom sig - Bilder från Sverige," depicting the final throes of the welfare state. Following this, exhibition requests poured in, and Lars Tunbjörk became a world-renowned photographer with many prestigious photographic assignments.

Lars Tunbjörk had a unique perspective on the everyday. His images were like no one else's. Over time, a "tunbjörkare" became a widely accepted term used to describe the absurdity in ordinary situations and environments.

Borås Art Museum is now highlighting the previously overlooked photo series from his trips to Latvia.

Foto av pojke som står lutad mot en husfasad i kvällsljus.

© Lars Tunbjörk, Lettland, 1996–1997

en död fågel ligger på ett smutsigt golv bredvid en slinga julgransglitter.

© Lars Tunbjörk, Lettland, 1996–1997

Lars Tunbjörk traveled to Latvia for the first time in 1996, just a few years after the fall of the Soviet Union. In Latvia, he visited an abandoned Soviet military site. It was as if the place had been left completely unplanned, as if the people had just got up and left. Personal letters, clothes, military equipment were scattered around. It turned out that people were also living among the remnants.

The exhibition also features the film "Road’s End" (cinematography by Lars Tunbjörk, still photography by Inta Ruka, directed by Maud Nycander). In this film, we embark on a journey through time, getting close to a person whose life bears great similarities to how we lived in Sweden a hundred years ago. Latvia and Sweden are neighboring countries, but the difference in living conditions is enormous. "Road’s End" is a film about people in the EU's periphery, whose stories are rarely told.

"Road’s End" marked Lars Tunbjörk's debut as a cinematographer and the first of several professional collaborations with his life partner, documentary filmmaker Maud Nycander. Some parts of the film also feature Inta Ruka, one of Latvia's most prominent photographers, whose still images play a crucial role in the film.

NOTE: The exhibition will not be accessible between April 22 and June 14 as the museum will be closed for preparations for the upcoming exhibition.

In collaboration with the Lars Tunbjörk Foundation and Fabriken Bästekille.